July 18, 2024

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Health Insurance Brokers Relationships in Hyderabad

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Health insurance brokers in Hyderabad provide health insurance policies in addition to the other general insurance products such as Motor insurance, Engineering insurance, Liability insurance etc. Hyderabad is the hub to IT companies and there are many insurance companies as well as insurance brokers operating in Hyderabad. Out of which Ethika insurance broking has their Head office in Hyderabad making them accessible to the people of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is the city of Nawabs and has all kind of organisations such as small scale, medium scale and large scale organizations. These organizations require insurance policies such as group health insurance policy, super topup health insurance policy which is provided by the insurance broker in Hyderabad.

Insurance brokers in Hyderabad offer all kinds of health insurance policies such as retail health insurance also known as personal health insurance, group health insurance, group accident insurance, senior citizen health insurance, cancer health insurance, diabetes health insurance etc.

The health insurance by insurance brokers in Hyderabad is as per the needs and requirements of the customer. Insurance brokers also provide risk management solutions in addition to the health insurance policies. The risk management solutions of insurance brokers would be customized to needs and requirements of each and every client.

Ethika insurance is the best health insurance broker in Hyderabad which offers personal health insurance as well as group health insurance. Ethika insurance provides super top-up health insurance plan in addition to the group health insurance plans which can be utilised if the limit of basic health insurance plan exhausts.

The super topup health insurance plans are offered at very cheap rates but the benefits from these plans are immense making them attractive. An organization can take group super topup health insurance plan for their employees in addition to the group health insurance plan. The super top up health insurance plans offered by Ethika broking are the best in Hyderabad.

The premium for super topup health insurance plans start from ₹500 making them more attractive as they provide superior benefits at low cost. The premium of super top-up plans depends on the sum insured opted as well as the deductible limit set under the plan. Higher the deductible limit, lower would be the premium for the super topup plan.

The super topup health insurance plan covers the hospital bills up to the limit specified in the plan over and above the deductible limit. For instance if the super topup is taken for ₹5 lacs and the deductible opted is ₹1 Lac then the policy would pay up to ₹4 lacs excluding the deductible amount of ₹1 lacs. Super top up health insurance is an advanced version of top-up health insurance policy.

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