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What Is The Work Content of a Tax Relief Professional?

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Tax Relief Professional

The work of tax relief professionals, who are tax experts, includes consulting and advisory services, in addition to the “three exclusive services” stipulated by law, such as “tax agency,” “preparation of tax documents,” and “tax consultation .” There are a wide variety of areas such as accounting advisory, bookkeeping, administrative and judicial support, and the work content and work style will change depending on the company you belong to and the area of ​​specialization you specialize in.

What is the role of a tax relief professional?

  • Maintains primary accounting .
  • Carries out work with primary documentation, which consists in the acceptance, control and processing of primary documents (acts, waybills, waybills, cash and personnel documents, contracts with counterparties, etc.).
  • Calculates, calculates, and transfers taxes for reporting periods.
  • Takes part in settlements with customers, suppliers.
  • Carries out fixing on the accounts of accounting operations related to the movement of fixed assets, as well as inventory items (commodities and materials).
  • Conducts financial transactions for the purchase, as well as the sale of the company’s products (preparation of receipt documents, reconciliation of calculations of the cost of production).
  • Keeps records of the property of the organization, fixed assets, liabilities.
  • Performs payroll for employees of the company and personal income tax.
  • Makes payments under civil law contracts and other payments provided for by law.
  • Organizes tax and management accounting.

In addition, some tax relief professionals are actively engaged in activities that are not directly related to taxation, such as insurance agency work, in order to provide added value to their clients.

1. Tax Agency

Handles tax matters such as final tax returns and approval applications for blue returns. A tax relief professional can use e-Tax to send tax returns, in which case the client’s electronic certificate is no longer required.

2. Preparation Of Tax Documents

Tax returns require various documents such as a final tax return, an inheritance tax return, and a blue return approval application. A tax relief professional prepares tax documents to be submitted to these tax offices. If a non-qualified person undertakes the preparation of tax documents, which is a monopoly, as a task, it will be penalized.

3. Tax Consultation

This is a service that provides tax consultation and advice. In addition to pre-consultation when deciding whether to entrust a tax accountant, there is also a method of receiving only advice on the matter.

Tax relief professionals have many jobs outside of their exclusive duties. First and foremost is support for client accounting.

In order to prepare tax return documents, it is necessary to do daily bookkeeping, prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, or prepare securities reports for listed companies. In many cases, tax accountants support these tasks.

In addition, the work of the tax relief professional is  to support the management side. On a daily basis, the content of the support is about “financing”, such as creating a business plan that is easy to obtain loans, or about “increasing profits” that supports sales increase and cost reduction. There is no business that does not file tax returns and clients range from small businesses to large corporations.

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